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Hot Vulcanizing Equipment

Hot vulcanize machine is mainly made of aluminum and used for the splicing of rubber conveyor belts including EP, NN and Steel cord belt etc. It can be widely used in metallurgical plants, mines, electric power plants and docks etc.


Small in volume
Light in weight
Easy handing

DLQ series vulcanizer

1) Frame
2) Clamping Device
3) Paddig plate
4) Blot
5) Nut
6) Washer
7) Heat-isolating plate
8) Upper heating plate
9) Lower heating plate
10) Pressurizing device
11) Pressurizing system
12) Electric heating control box

Technical parameters

Vulcanize pressure: 1.5 Mpa (15 kg / cm2) ;1.8 Mpa (18kg / cm2) also available;
Vulcanize temperature: 145° C (adjustable);
Temperature-rising time: within 40 min;
Temperature difference on the working surface: ±3° C
Adjusting range of temperature from temperature regulator: 0 ~ 200° C
Power voltage: 380V/50 Hz, or 660 V.

LBD series Electrothermal explosion vulcanizer

Electrothermal explosion vulcanizer is suitable for the splicing of rubber conveyor belts and Steel cord belt in coal mining underground and circumstance including methane or coal dust explosive mixture, etc

1) Low Frame
2) Water pressure plate
3) Lower heating plate
4) Water pipe
5) Cable
6) Lower vulcanizing plate
7) Thermometer
8) Stop iron
9) Rubber belt
10) Upper vulcanizing plate
11) Upper heating plate
12) Upper frame
13) Washer
14) Nut
15) Pull rod

Main Technical Specification

Altitude below 2000m
Temperature of working condition:-20°C - 40°C
Air relative humidity no more than 95% (in 25°C)
Working voltage AC660, 380V, 50Hz, the fluctuation of voltage permitted is 85% - 105%
There would be no medium with severe corrosive or can effect the electric insulation performance

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