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June 2016 / More profile ranges of HITPOWER®
If you are struggling with little power transmission from your belts in the machine, HITPOWER® is the perfect solution.

Among the features highlighted is the exceptional spanlife and high power transmission capabilities. Adopting whole top-performance polyurethane material, it gives HITPOWER® high flexibility & superior length stability.

The teeth and body of belt are made of high-strength cast polyurethane. New formulation of material gives the teeth outstanding shear strength & excellent abrasion.

High flexible steel increase high stength and durability. Meanwhile it makes HITPOWER® belts suit a wide range of application.

Now HITPOWER® belts are available in the following profile:
- MXL; XL; L
- T2.5; T5; T10; AT5; AT10
- DT5; DT10
- 5M; 8M

- High power transmission capabilities
- High flexibility
- Superior length stability
- New sleeve width up to 400mm
- Maintenance free

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