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AVX Belts
AVX profile belts are used in new constructions of motor-cars driving systems to increase transmitted power. The belts are produces with permanent length tolerance and can be installed on driving systems without any extra belt selection control. After break-in period, V-belts with open profile sides AVX work with a constant friction coefficient, are notable for high thermal stability and oil resistance together with optimal antistatic properties.

Specific rubber mixtures used withstand increased pressure and high temperatures under non-standard conditions of operation. A scalloped surface provides the belt with a better flexibility, optimal fit with the pulleys' grooves and a reduced temperature during operation which increases performance life of the belt and decreases its replacement and maintenance expenses.

HIT belt cross section – AVX 8,5; AVX 10; AVX 11; AVX 12,5; AVX 13; AVX 14; AVX 16; AVX 21

- Long and trouble-free operation life
- Considerable noise level reduction
- Smooth operation and steady efficiency
- Belt tension minimal losses
- Environmental friendliness
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