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HIT Milestones

80's-90's - specialized in few special sizes of the OEM market in mainland China, such as V-belts A 48'' for washing machines and some tiny PU V-belts for sewing machines.

1998 - had the first exportation.

1999 - Start to offer different colors of PU molded belts.

2000 - H.I.T. established different sales offices in China for dometic sales.

2001 -

2002 -

2003 - H.I.T. set up Shanghai export office in purpose of enhancing the internatinoal markets.

2004 - Develop the Kevlar corded dry cotton fabric wrapped V-belts and getting imporving on it.

2005 - Start to market HIT logos to the world market.

2006 - Extend the completely production line of PU belts such Molded PU belts, FLEX truly endless PU belts, open long length belts, PU round and PU V-belts.

2007 - Increase the Rubber Poly V belts into the product line.

2008 - Extend the metal parts line in the transmission family, especially for timing pulleys and locking devices.

2009 - First exhibition abroad.

2010 - Establish PUDONG Office, including marketing and logistic department.

2011 -

2012 -

2013 - Kevlar corded dry cotton fabric wrapped V-belts passes 700 hours running testing.

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