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Construction Features
Cover — The oil and heat resistant top cover protects the belt from damage while contributing to the belt’s dimensional stability. The cover stock is bias cut to provide lateral stability while allowing axial flexibility.
Tension Member — Stability is assured through the use of the cushion stock that maintains cord “lay” integrity and uniform distribution of load transmission.
Precision Molded Cogs — Provide for optimum flexibility with a minimum of heat build-up. Flexing generates heat, heat will shorten belt life.
Compression Section — The fiber loaded compression section provides the gripping action and high coefficient of friction of a conventional cut-edge construction while at the same time, allowing an initial start-up clutching action to eliminate power spikes and excessive bearing loading.


- Very high power transmission capability.
- Extraordinary economic efficiency.
- Improved abrasion resistance and low stretch.
- Extreme transverse rigidity.
- Outstanding heat and oil resistance.


Suitable for all industrial applications, particularly where space, weight and horsepower capacity are critical.


Our available sizes including


PROFILE Top Width (mm) Height (mm) Length (Ld=LP) 
ZX (X10) 10 6 Li≈La-38 La≈LP+16
AX (X13) 13 8 Li≈La-50 La≈LP+20
BX (X17) 17 11 Li≈La-69 La≈LP+29
CX (X22) 22 14 Li≈La-88 La≈LP+30 

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