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Extra 50% power transmission life is the remarkable feature of HITPOWER™ BENU belts. Even if within the hard working environment, it can still maintain a stable performance and keep the tension member. Meanwhile, it also can be fit with standard v-belt pulley.

- Belt technology packing fabric with double wrapped: this particular process is the core of the cloth impregnated with rubber vulcanization process integration with the belt. Rubber-impregnated fabric on the pulley allows a high flexibility and reducing pressure also the accumulation of thermal energy generated. The fabric covering outside protects the internal components from the dust, oil and heat.
The corrugated type cover provides to the belt an extraordinary stiffness and strong, which allows long belt life and also more durability in the use of this high performance v belt. This cover gives more rigidity to the belt to support work longer hours and thereby prolong the useful life of the belt.

- Excellent performance and stability is through ultra-high strength polyester core implementation: it ensures fatigue resistance, length stability and tensile properties. Each cord is wound together to give the belt the necessary tension to work with high efficiency. The superior quality of the polyester cord: highly resistant to stretching thus allowing maintains the tension and stiffness of the belt for long time. Also we offer Kevlar cord according to the requirements, and always ensuring to keep the tension and the power capacity.

- Transverse fibers for high-quality rubber: provides superior ultra-high transmission capacity, and gives strong support for the core, all can make the same load evenly to all parts. The transverse fiber construction allows greater and better power transfer, increasing the efficiency of the belt. While allowing the belt can run around and idler pulleys.

Features and Advantages
- Enhance belt life.
- More durability.
- High load capacity.
- Low stretch cord.
- Greater wear resistance.
- Keeps tension throughout its lifetime.
- High efficiency

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