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Flame Resistant Belt


The product is made of cotton canvas, nylon canvas or EP canvas and finished through the process of calendring, assembling, vulcanizing etc, suitable for conveying materials that require a flame resistant and static conductive belts in power, chemical, light, metallurgical and grain processing industries, under the condition of flammable or explosive environment above coal mines.


Cover Type Standards Minimum Tensile Strength(MPA) Minimum Elongation(%) Abrasion Material Coveyed
Fire Resistant SANS-F 17 350 180 Material with firehazards, e.g. Coal
IS-1891(FR Grade) 17 350 200
ISO-340(FR Grade) 17 350 180
AS-F(FR Grade) 14 300 200
AS-1332(FR Grade) 14 300 200
DIN S Grade 17 350 180
DIN K Grade 17 400 200
MSHA-FR 17 350 200
CAN/CSA(FR Grade) 17 350 200
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