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Internal Expansion Couplings
Internal expansion couplings allow for “full flow” in a hose assembly. They minimize the build-up of material around the coupling shank and provide a strong permanent connection to the hose. Expansion couplings are ideally suited for thick materials such as liquid plaster and concrete. This coupling type can handle higher working pressures and exhibits longer service life than many other coupling styles. Internally expanded couplings are not field repairable and require special equipment for installation. The coupling body is pushed from the inside out, eternally locking the hose between the ferrule and the expanded hose stem. These couplings are necessary when maximum flow of the medium is required. Internal expansion couplers are available in carbon steel, stainless steel and brass.

- Maximizes flow of the medium
- Reduces turbulence through a hose
- Enables high working pressure
- Allows for more reliable metering of product in liquid transfer applications
- Minimizes hose end wear when transferring abrasives

- Concrete and grout pumping
- Fuel oil delivery
- Gasoline curb pump
- Aviation refueling
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