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Weld on & Bolt on Hubs

Weld-on Hubs can be used with assembled sprockets, flanges and fans. Working together with BTL, QTL or STL bushings, they can be installed in various transmission mechanisms. Weld-on Hubs are made of high quality low carbon steel with excellent welding and mechanical capability. We offer the whole series of BTL, QTL or STL bushings at the same time.

Taper Bore W/WA Weld-On Hubs - BTL

Type W/WA Weld-On Hubs is made of steel, drilled, tapped and taper bored to be used with relevant taper bushings. They are widely used for welding onto fan motors, pulleys, plate wheels, impellers, agitators and many other devices that must be firmly fixed to shafts.

This type of weld-on hub is rugged in constructions with advantages of easy installation and good suitability for severe operating conditions. Its structure effectively eliminates mounting difficulties. It also prevents possible loosening or wear outs on the hubs during operations.


Taper Bore Adapters - BTL

Adapters for Taper Bushing are recommended for usage where it is more convenient to use a straight bore rather than to drill and tap to accommodate bushings.

The adapter is a taper bored sleeve of grey cast iron which fits into the straight bore of a hub. The bushing simply fits inside the adapter that is tapped for the bushing screws. When tightening the locking screws, the adapter is expanded against the hub bore, pressing the bushing tightly upon the shaft.



Taper Bore Bolt-Hubs - QTL

QTL weld-on hubs are suitable for many applications such as welding to plate steel wheels. Weld-on hubs are made of steel, drilled, taped and tapered bored to be used with QTL bushing.


Taper Bore Weld-on Hubs - STL

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