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Moldeada PH,PJ
The multi-wedge rubber belt combines the merits of both V and flat belts, i.e., Softness and tenacity of flat belts as well as compactness and high efficiency of V belts. H.I.T. offer normal grinded poly v-belts and Molded Poly-V Belts.


Molded V-Ribbed Belt
Industrial Molded Poly-V Belts made by jacket construction, are with accurate size, Longer service, Lower noise, Less pilling. (Not by grinding method.)

Features and Advantages
- Joined by supersonic and have no overlap;
- More stable, more flexible, much lower noises, longer service life;
- Specially for tensioner system to avoid running noise caused by fabric overlap;
- Made by molded notch technology, having more advantages;
- Less heat building -up, thus better performance.

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