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Cintas para Tabaco
High Speed Kevlar® Belt used for Cigarettes Manufacturing Machine
Each belt is strictly test and each one can meet the standard requirements.

We develop carefully the oar material and the coating especially for the high speed tobacco belt, thus enhances the resistance to wear, the thermal stability and the service life enormously, its overall performance surpasses the import oar material; We also has developed the special synthesis line, which weaves smoothly, the ends open clearly, so that guarantees the smoothness and evenness of the belt surface.


Especially, the tobacco belts produced by the hemp and the ARAMID blending yarn radiates well, it is with moderate softness, reduces the operating temperature of the tobacco machine effectively, basically eliminated the tobacco's cotton tape grain.

For tobacco belts used in PROTOS, we use the American Dupont's long ARAMID fiber, through special extremely advanced technical process, we produce various kinds of pure ARAMID yarn with 18S~22S , the force is quite strong, the 20S/3 yarn may reach above 70N.

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