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PVC de succión y manguera de descarga
Industries call for a wide range of PVC suction and discharge hoses. HIT carries a variety of clear, smooth, corrugated, polyurethane-lined, FDA, material handling, and many more hoses to meet these needs. These hoses can allow visual confirmation that material is flowing and can comply with USDA, FDA, and potable water requirements if needed.

Types of PVC Suction and Discharge Hoses:
- Reinforced polyurethane lined suction hose
- Food grade material handling hose
- Heavy duty PVC suction hose
- Green PVC suction hose
- Anti-static PVC suction hose
- PVC food transfer hose with static wire
- Mulch and bulk PVC hose

Industries Served:
- Wood industry
- Agriculture
- Manufacturing
- Food plants
- Leaf collection
- Pharmaceutical product transfer
- Mining
- Industrial


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