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Grinded PH,PJ,PK,PL,PM
The multi-wedge rubber belt combines the merits of both V and flat belts, i.e., Softness and tenacity of flat belts as well as compactness and high efficiency of V belts. H.I.T. offer normal grinded poly v-belts and Molded Poly-V Belts.

Grinded Poly V-Belts
- High transmission power. Thirty percent (30%) higher transmission power Than that with ordinary V belts given the same apace occupation.
- Compact structure of transmission system. Twenty five percent ( 25% ) smaller space occupation than that of transmission unit with ordinary V belt for the same transferred power.
- Thin, soft belt carcass. Applicable to transmissions with small-diameter belt pulleys and transmissions in high speed (up to 40m/s). Low vibration; Low heat generation and stable operation.
- Heat, oil, wear resistant; Low elongation rate; Long life utility.

Well suited for applications such as appliances, outdoor power equipment, roller conveyors, machine tools, medical equipment and exercise equipment. While PK belts are widely used for automotive appications.

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