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Multi-encajado Poleas
We supply the whole series of Multi-Wedged Pulleys (J3-M20) from DP 20mm to 710mm. The pulleys are available in standard straight and in taper lock bores. Multi-Wedged Pulleys are made of GG25, GGG45, S45C or other materials requested by the customers.

The pulleys are machined by high precise, dynamically balanced and black coated. They have the characteristics of high precision, steadiness and smooth transmission. They are suitable for all kinds of precise, high speed and heavy loaded transmission equipments. They can also be used on auto motors. We can provide specially designed Multi-Wedged Pulleys according to customers' requests.


Type of Basic Structure of Poly-V Sheaves

Our Avaialble Sizes Including

Type x e f rb(max) f dB
J >> 40±0.5 0.014 0.092±0.001 0.013±0.003 0.016 0.118±0.02 0.059±0.0004
L >> 40±0.5 0.052 0.185±0.002 0.019±0.003 0.024 0.394±0.004 0.138±0.0004
M >> 40±0.5 0.097 0.373±0.002 0.034±0.004 0.003 0.551±0.004 0.276±0.0004    

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