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Correas para Agricultura
Agriculture V-Belt is especially recommended for shock loads, pulsation loads, large centre distances, vertical shaft drives, and it is especially suited for clutching drives, V-flat drives.


A special rubber-impregnated fabric that offers resistance to abrasion.
It is also responsible for the total protection of all the belts components.


Tensile element (tensile cords):
Constituted of synthetic fiber cords that guarantee total power transmission with a very low elongation rate and high resistance to fatigue.


Compression element:
A compound prepared to resist the fatigue of compression and to dissipate heat generated by the system giving the belt a longer life.


Insulating element:
A special compound prepared to keep the tensile element connected to the body of the belt, avoiding friction between the components.


Tension rubber:
A material composed of special rubber that is responsible for reducing the possible effects of impact on the belt. It also offers better flexibility to the system, and better adjustment of the belt to the pulley.


- High flexibility combined with excellent cross section rigidity.
- Maximum economy
- Outstanding power transmission.
- Temperature resistance from -40 to 90 centigrade.


Dimension for Section and Official Assignment


Profile Width (mm) Height (mm) Width (inch) Height (inch)
HI 25.4 12.7 1 0.5
HJ 31.8 15.1 1.25 0.59
HK 38.1 17.5 1.5 0.69
HL 44.5 19.8 1.75 0.78
HM 50.8 22.2 2 0.88
HN 57.2 23.9 2.25 0.94
HO 63.5 25.4 2.5 1

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