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Manguera de combustible Petróleo
HIT petroleum hoses vary from the class A nitrile hose to an SBR/nitrile blend for oily material. These hoses are for the use of petroleum-based products such as for gas stations, oil delivery trucks, oil fields, and many other operations and applications.

Strict regulations are in place for the conveyance and transport of petroleum-based products due to the danger spills and leaks of these products can bring both to the environment and to human safety. Additionally, companies found as the cause for oil spills, either because of accidental equipment failure/malfunction or human error, are frequently hit with large fines due to the damage these spills and accidents cause. If you’re working with petroleum-based products you want petroleum hose that is durable, reliable and, overall, safe. HIT petroleum hoses offer sturdy reinforcement in the form of high tensile textile cords and steel helix wires.

Resistance to abrasion, oil, ozone and weather.