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September 2014 / HIT offers the best quality Green Perforated V-Belt.
perforated-vHIT offers an extraordinary new product: Perforated V-belt, only manufactured in China by HIT, is characterized by a freely adjustment according to the specific use of the environment length also is convenient and simple to operate. Belt length can be adjusted by metal fastener and also can be easy replaced without requiring machine disassembling. With a high-strength multi-fiber fabric, high resistance to oil, heat, strength, abrasion, long durability and also have corrosion resistant, good sturdy structure and long life.
HIT offers the best quality of Perforated V-belt for specialized requirements, where installation prevents the use of endless belts or for emergency repairs.
HIT Perforated V-belt with joint holes can be adjusted to required length simply with splicing bracket. Any length, and the only tools required are a knife and a screwdriver.
These belts are recommended for temporary use when the existing V-belt has to be replaced urgently, useful for material handling purposes with multi-strand drive and also suitable for trial running of machines.
Perforated V-Belts are made by natural rubber and polyester mixed with cotton canvas. Have an oil and heat-resistant neoprene cover, high flexibility and long durability. Also have corrosion resistant, sturdy structure and fine quality. Belt length can be adjusted by metal fastener and permits easy belt replacement without requiring machine disassembly.

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