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February 2016 / What’s new on HIT Online Store
As a new shopping platform, E-commerce is accepted by more and more customers, it also bring challenges and opportunities. Not only breakthrough the limitations of traditional sales channels, but also understand the actual needs of customers.

On online store, HIT can offer a real benefit and provide reliable commodity to end customers.Especially in China, you will receive products in next day!

How to buy
According to the tips in your purchasing process, you can update order and finish the payment conveniently.

Product search-helps you find the products that best matches your application.According to key words, you can get and compare related products, obtain a one-stop online shopping experience.

Services and support-has been an area of high priority for HIT. In addition to the comprehensive products we already make available on-line, we have now added online customer service in order to help with your purchase.

Please visit our online store: www.hitbelt.com.cn
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